Currently, UAB Mazeikiu statybos kompanija has set itself the following quality, environmental, occupational safety and health objectives and tasks:

  • Using high-quality materials and careful selection of suppliers as well as subcontractors, to manufacture our products and perform work, in order to meet highest clients' demands and their requirements.
  • Using organizational measures to ensure that the elastic interaction of divisions and departments would guarantee the quality of products and services, eco-friendly, efficient dissemination of information to customers and employees.
  • To create and maintain a safe and healthy working conditions, safe all waste streams management in all the company's activities related areas, by improving production technology and through technical innovation, selection and implementation of collective and personal protective equipment, periodically checking the health of workers, the risk control mechanisms .
  • To develop personal responsibility for the employee's performance, the impact on the environment and the workplace in accordance with the duties and powers, include all workers in the management system improvement, to facilitate their professional development, improve staff motivation system.
  • Follow the Republic of Lithuania applicable environmental, occupational health and safety and other regulations and standards requirements and other regulations covering the company's activity.
  • Improve developed and implemented quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management systems.

Management's commitment:

  • Motivating and giving employees conditions to raise their qualification, submit proposals, to encourage work safely, responsibly, effectively and efficiently, ensuring social guarantees and benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding.
  • pollution prevention by reducing usage of raw materials, energy consumption, production of waste generation, alert and forecast the expected pollution sources, reduce the risk of emergency situations.
  • Annually review the quality, environment, occupational safety and health policy, that it remains adequate, as well as to ensure resources for systems development.
  • To ensure that company employees and subcontractors working in the company's structure are aware of quality, environmental, occupational health and safety policy and their activities are guided by its principles.



Confirmed 2018 02 08